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Freshwater School

Freshwater School District was founded over 120 years ago in the rural countryside outside of Eureka. The original school had one room, which was replaced by a two-room brick and mortar building in the 20's. The old school sat on the corner of Freshwater Road and Greenwood Heights Drive until 1952 when the "new" school was built. The 10 classroom school, designed by Bill Van Fleet, included the auditorium/cafeteria and a school office. The Kindergarten room won national awards for its spacious and friendly design.

In 1960, two more rooms were added, and in 1970, two "permanent portables" were placed at the site. To make enough room for the new school, the District purchased the remainder of a 10-acre site, owned by Ernie Pierson. This site offers wonderful play areas for children at all grade levels, a redwood forest to explore, and an "Indian Village" built, modeling a Yurok village.

In the late 80's another classroom was added as the school continued to grow, another classroom was added. These two rooms are joined by an accordian wall and face east, rather than south like the original buildings.

In 1993, the District decided to have After School Child Care on site and purchased a portable building. The year before, the District dedicated the Ferguson Library in the west classroom of the permanent portables. Later in the 90's, the rest of this building became a computer lab which now houses a 24-station Pentium lab.

Two years ago, the District modernized all the permanent buildings from the 50's and 60's. This remodeling has brought warmth and a new, clean look to the classrooms. Safety was increased with the installation of tempered glass.

The Board of Trustees has just finished building two new classrooms for the students in the Freshwater Charter Middle School, plus a band room for the instrumental music program.

With bond funds and State "Joint Use" funds, the district was able to complete a community gym which opened in the summer, 2005.

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