Regional School District Support System (RSDSS)

   Lori Breyer, School Support Coordinator
   (707) 445-7019

Region 1 RSDSSNo Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 requires each state to establish a statewide system of intensive and sustained support and improvement for local education agencies and schools receiving Title I funding to increase opportunities for all students to meet state academic content and achievement standards.

As a result, the Regional System of District and School Support (RSDSS) was established to satisfy the requirements of NCLB. The RSDSS of Region 1 provides leadership, resources, and technical assistance to the schools, districts in order to increase their collective capacity to support students in meeting or exceeding the state's academic content standards.

The Humboldt RSDSS coordinator is available to work with schools and districts in PI (Program Improvement) in the areas of data analysis, implementation of state tools for program analysis, teaching strategies, national Common Core Standards implementation and components of the Single Plan for Student Achievement and Local Education Agency plans to address student achievement growth.

For more information, visit the RSDSS Region 1 website.