English Learners

Agustín Amaro
Learning Specialist for English Language Learner Programs
(707) 502-4343

Support for Schools and Teachers of English Learners (EL)

Classes for teachers to meet teacher certification requirements for English Learners are conducted by the HCOE English Learner Curriculum Specialist. The schedules of class sessions, costs and eligibility information can be found on the HCOE Professional Development Page.

School staff can also get information about best practices for delivering services to ELLs, teacher certification requirements and required state testing (including CELDT and the Standards Test in Spanish) from the EL Curriculum Specialist.

HCOE English Learner Collaborative

The English Learner Collaborative meets monthly to support teachers, administrators and instructional aides in providing the best possible education for their district’s English learners. The EL Collaborative includes professional development, resource sharing, feeder school coordination, updates on state requirements and educational research, an online archive, and discussions on topics important to the group.