Humboldt-Del Norte Counties

Casto Chapter 18

Chapter President

Tom McGinnis

Vice President

Sarah Goodwin

Chapter Secretary

Pam Goldsmith

Chapter Treasurer

Anne Avelar

CASTO Training Scholarship Guidelines

  1. Scholarship for CASTO officers – CASTO will provide the following support for officers to attend the annual CASTO conference.

    • Registration fees (the officers must register for the early bird rates)
    • Lodging (the scholarship will support the CASTO block pricing)
    • Travel cost will not be covered. (mileage, airfare)
    • Per-Diem cost will not be covered.

  2. Scholarship for CASTO members – CASTO will pay up to $1,000.00 annually for members to attend training.

    • Registration fees (members must register for any early bird rates if available)
    • Lodging (there will be a cap on per night lodging rates)
    • Travel and meals will be at the expense of the member Note: Training is not limited to CASTO events only


  1. Member must be in good standing as a CASTO member at time of application AND at time of event.
  2. Training provided in California only.
  3. Complete and submit application by due date.